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Getting punched in the Edinburgh fringe
Episode 21426th November 2023 • The comedians paradise • Marvin McCarthy
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Welcome to another episode of The comedians paradise, an interview podcast focused on giving an inside scoop of being a comedian from mavericks across the comedy world, todays guest is the magnificent Colin Higgins. Colin Higgins is a rising star from the Glasgow comedy scene and has performed UK wide. He delights audience's with his cutting observations, brutal honesty and self deprecating style. He has also featured on the Billy Connolly docuseries 'Billy and Us' BBC Scotland. Recently he has had his Will Smith moment, where he was punched by an audience member at the Edinburgh fringe, here is an overview of what we discussed:

[[02:37]] Being a comedy whore [[03:13]]

[[07:46]] Are all comics going to need another job on the side? [[09:54]]

[[09:54]] Catching paedos to [[28:31]]

[[28:46]] How he got started in comedy [[32:33]]

[[33:06]] When I got punched in the mouth by a woman [[46:27]]

[[47:09]] Playing pianos [[50:35]]

[[50:47]] Why the intent and the manner in which things are done is important [[57:51]]

[[63:47]] Comedy being very cutthroat [[64:31]]

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