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1129 - Permission-Based Marketing with G$D Agency Accelerator's Cody Getchell
21st March 2022 • The Thoughtful Entrepreneur • Josh Elledge of
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In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to the owner and founder of the G$D Agency Accelerator, Cody Getchell. 

Cody shares that he and G$D focus on traffic, sales, and systems. He and his business partner have worked around 15 years in the agency space. They found the most important, key aspects of successful scaling involved all three of those areas. He shares that G$D is all about getting stuff done – and they hold their clients accountable for the steps required to see success. Their dedication to accountability is what sets G$D apart. 

Cody and Josh also explore what works well right now in marketing. He shares that you have to be authentic and personable. Your personality needs to shine through your messaging, and when you do this correctly, you create permission-based marketing within your organic network. This means they will come to your content and take the next step in the relationship with you. This framework is very different from what most outbound marketing looks like today, which isn’t typically based on the lead’s permission or interest in you. This is how you build scalable, real relationships in the coaching space. 

This is what G$D teaches. They fight strongly against spam, which has unfortunately saturated the space. When you have effective targeting and messaging, you’ll have leads coming to you out of genuine interest. 

Josh explores the pressure many early-stage business owners feel and that it can push them to follow bad advice from sleazy marketers. Don’t listen to outdated, bad marketing tactics by sliding into DMs. Explore the levels of your clients’ relationships with you, Cody says. You can’t fool your target audience, period. You shouldn’t just talk to random strangers or throw a clickfunnel at someone. You need to see who is engaging with your content and go from there. Engage back with them too, and open the door to having a conversation with them. Letting this be the foundation of your outbound marketing is both ethical and effective; the key is to dial in your targeting and operate with a permission-based marketing model. It needs to be the right time for your lead to become your customer, and that comes in relationship stages that only you can nurture organically over time. Ultimately, you want your prospects to be relaxed and comfortable with you. Talk to them, be authentic, and be their friend. People buy from and network with their friends, so be a friend to your prospects and be invested in their journeys. 

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