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19. The CIS Framework and Foundational Security
19th June 2020 • Infoblox ThreatTalk • Infoblox
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Security teams are at war.  Every day, attackers, tactics, techniques, and procedures evolve and are used to assault IT security defenses.

Enterprises must choose frameworks to help organize their cyber-defense playbooks and run their operations.  The CIS framework provides one of the best options to develop an organization’s security strategies for long term success.

Michael Zukerman joins ThreatTalk to detail the CIS Framework and how it guides an organization to develop critical security fundamentals.  Michael outlines the three categories of controls within the CIS Framework in detail and their benefits:

  • 6 essential Basic Security Controls all organizations must adopt
  • 10 highly recommended Security Foundational controls
  • 4 Organization Security Controls for people, policies, and compliance.

After discussing each of the 20 controls, Michael illustrates how Infoblox Threat Defense implements foundational security for DNS, DHCP and IPAM across the entire enterprise.  Unlike a traditional security stack, Infoblox can provide visibility and control critical for CIS into all enterprise environments including cloud resources and remote employees.