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Causepods - The Podcast Consultant EPISODE 75, 22nd March 2021
The More We Know with Rich Bendis of the BioTalk Podcast
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The More We Know with Rich Bendis of the BioTalk Podcast

Who do you know that others need to know?

We are always one conversation away from changing our lives, and Rich Bendis of BioHealth Innovations started the BioTalk podcast to connect the world of bio-health better. 

In a world where medical science advances are growing at the fastest pace in human history, we can still run into a problem where the people who know each other don’t get connected to advance therapy, new medicine, or new approaches. 

Key Topics:

  • What is the goal of Biohealth Innovations (1:44)
  • How has the medical research changed as a result of COVID (3:24)
  • How was the COVID vaccine researched (8:06)
  • What made podcasting the right next step for BioHealth (10:22)
  • Who has benefited from the podcast (12:29)

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Charity: American Cancer Society (https://www.cancer.org/)

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