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Steve Pereira and the four key maps of DevOps
Episode 514th December 2021 • DevOps State of Mind • LogDNA x StudioPod Media
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Ep5 - Steve Pereira 


Episode Summary: 

In this episode of DevOps State of Mind I’m talking to Steve Pereira, a DevOps enthusiast and an expert in software team performance. Steve leads the largest Toronto DevOps community and is the founder of Visible where he coaches teams to boost flow and value using his 4 Key Maps of DevOps.

About: Steve Pereira

Founder of Visible

Steve Pereira: Helping Teams Define and Optimize their Value Streams

Steve is obsessed with making tech human, and leveraging it to deliver continuous value. For the past 20 years, his focus has been on using mapping techniques to guide ambitious and struggling teams towards their true north. He's a former startup CTO, agency consultant, systems and release engineer, finance IT manager, tech support phone jockey, and pizza maker. All focused on the flow of value, all the time.

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 1:07 Meet Steve Pereira

2:01 Looking back and finding the positive

4:22 Misery loves company but things don’t always need to be hard to grow

6:18 What DevOps means to Steve

11:10 As a ‘movement”, has DevOps been successful?

15:04 How are massive enterprising doing right now?

19:23 The four kep maps of DevOps

31:46 To map or not to map - when does it make the most sense?

33:29 Asking “Why?” in a safe space

39:33 Learn more about mapping

41:18 What’s coming in the new year on DevOps State of Mind