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Episode 249: Ironing Wood, Home Gym Colors, Caulk 101, Dual Flush Toilets
19th February 2022 • The RepcoLite Home Improvement Show • Dan Hansen & Hailey Johnson
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SEGMENT 1: Ironing Wood

Sure, it's an old trick . . . but we've never tried it before. This week we try to remove dents and dings from unfinished wood with water and an iron. And the results were amazing!

SEGMENT 2: Home Gym Colors

Last week we talked about creating a home gym. This week, we dig into some colors you may want to consider.

SEGMENT 3: Caulk 101

In the paint world, caulk is probably one of the least flashy topics! And yet, when it's done right, your project will look amazing. When it's done poorly (or not done at all) . . . well, the results suffer.

SEGMENT 4: Dual Flush Toilets

We received a question about Dual Flush Toilets and conversion kits. Are they worth it? Well, to get the answer, we contacted the experts at Service Professor and Mark DeVisser from Great Lakes Plumbing.