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Probate 101 with Bill Gross
Episode 29028th November 2021 • REI Mastermind Network | Real Estate Investing Strategies & Mindset • REI Mastermind Network
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Bill Gross is an expert on Los Angeles Probate. He hosts a weekly call to discuss how to get sales in probate, how to engage with probate attorneys and more probate-related topics for real estate agents and investors.

Born in Santa Monica, raised in Orange County, lived in the Inland Empire, San Gabriel Valley, South Bay, and for the last 20 the Westside of Los Angeles, he has been in real estate for over 30 years, closed THOUSANDS of transactions, and gives his all to help his customers achieve their goals.

We chat about:

  • How he got started in probate
  • What he wishes he had known when he started
  • His advice to investors

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