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Self-Coaching: Your Toolkit for Navigating Life's Challenges
Episode 3313th December 2023 • Successful Women Think Differently • Valorie Burton
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In an ideal world, we’d all admit we need help and get coaching to work on improving ourselves.

But that takes two things:

1. Admitting it - which is possibly what you’ve already done by being here

2. A coach - which you may not have or be able to afford yet

So, while we wait for everything to work together for your good and for you to eventually have a coach, what else can we do to make sure we’re moving forward?

Well, we can self-coach. Self-coaching is something we should do whether we have an external coach or not, but all the more so if we don’t.

Life is hard, and we face various challenges that we don’t often know how to navigate. We can get overwhelmed by decisions or indecision and we can get stuck in our minds.

But being your own coach is like having a toolkit to navigate these challenges that come your way. It requires pausing, reflecting, and coming up with not just the answers but the process of getting to the answers.

Find out what key questions you should be asking yourself during your next self-coaching session. And for some FREE external coaching in the new year, check out: 

In This Episode:

- Self-coaching - The basic framework to find answers for yourself

- Identifying the problem

- What’s the vision? What do you want?

- Identify fears, habits and distractions

- Key coaching questions to ask yourself

- What to do when you don’t know what to do

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