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Interview with Audio Producer & Voice Talent, Macha Gruber - Part 2
Episode 5425th November 2020 • Audio Branding • Jodi Krangle
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I continue my conversation with Macha Gruber. In this second half of the interview, we discuss everything from advertising to diversity in voice acting to COVID to the Keto diet. This part of our interview is even better than the first part! 

Tune in to hear Macha and I discuss:

  • The importance of imaging for radio and how the voice actor becomes part of the brand
  • How voices have changed 
  • The increase of female voices on voice overs
  • The increase of diverse voices on voice overs
  • Not being in competition with voice actors
  • How Macha and I are both looking forward to hearing more diverse voices in areas that aren't only meant specifically for diverse voices
  •  The changing dynamics of diversity in general
  • What Macha is currently doing
  • Family dynamics in this quarantine era
  • How COVID has affected my singing gigs
  • What COVID really looks like in the US versus what’s being shown on TV (no one really knows!)
  • What COVID has done to advertising and audio that’s needed 
  • How major tragedy effects the audio in general
  • The comeback of humor in advertising
  • The humor that’s coming back to advertising from this current situation
  • The balance between being crude and being humorous
  • Keeping anger out of advertising 
  • The death of the sexy read
  • The birth of sophistication with a woman’s voice
  • Her true love of coaching and hopefully being able to come back to it
  • The love of being on a team and loving the work she does with her coaching clients
  • Her undertaking of Keto in COVID
  • Finding Keto goodies at the store

If you’d like to get in contact with Macha Gruber, you can find her:

Website: www.

Instagram: or


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