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The Blue Beetle Review with Sir Julius Cosplay!
Episode 15826th August 2023 • Blerd’s Eyeview • Chris Fury
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We talk to @sirjuliuscosplay and do our Blue Beetle review!!! Michael Julius Ford who is known in the Cosplay community as Sir Julius Cosplay, has been cosplaying for 14 years now. He first discovered his passion for cosplay when he attended his first New York City Comic Con in 2008. Always being into Arts and Crafts, seeing so many people in costume and discovering that you can make cosplays, he decided he wanted to do the same. For the next decade he would learn and teach himself different techniques with creating cosplay from pepkura, Eva foam building and 3D printing. He has since continued to host workshops, judge cosplay contest and overall just enjoy the life of cosplaying.  Speaking of the impact of Terry Funk and Bray Wyatt and more!! #bluebeetle #review #cosplayer #comicbook #entertainment #blerds #wwe #studioghibli #anime

Blue Beetle-Non Spoiler Review (