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58: DISC Behavioural Assessment and Life Harmony with Nausheen Saumtally
26th March 2021 • Happier At Work® • Aoife O'Brien
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In this fascinating episode Aoife is joined by Elevate Now founder Nausheen Saumtally. Nausheen is a coach, mind-set trainer and a certified DISC behavioural analysis consultant. Aoife and Nausheen discuss the basics of the DISC model, how it can be used to help us understand our behavioural mode and in turn become greater communicators and leaders. Key points covered in the episode include: - The concept of Life Harmony. - An introduction to the DISC Analysis. - A breakdown of the four personality behavioural styles – Dominance, Influencing, Steadiness and Compliance. - The benefits of using the DISC tool for yourself and for others. - Increasing your self-awareness and zoning in on your key strengths. - The Golden Rule VS the Platinum Rule. - Learning to understand what you truly want and how to move forward with less stress. Hailing from a business development background with Microsoft and as a corporate coach & trainer, Nausheen has worked with a wide range of leaders, helping them transform their businesses and performance for optimal outcomes. She is passionate about personal development, with focused attention on mind-set, self-discovery and communication. Nausheen’s driving purpose is to be a catalyst for change, action and positivity through Elevate Now. Join in on the conversation on social media and let your host Aoife know – what is harmony for you in your life? Connect with Nausheen Saumtally: Connect with Happier at Work host Aoife O’Brien:




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