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Cultivating Expansion vs "Chasing" the Next Level
Episode 625th August 2021 • Breaking Chains • Christine Jewell
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What have you been trying to get more of in your life? Do you crave better health, a more lucrative career - love? What is it that you truly desire? Are you chasing after worldly desires instead of honoring and cultivating the desires that God has placed in your heart?

 Dear Warrior, choose to embrace the identity of a cultivator. Start watering and nurturing the seeds that God planted in you. Celebrate what is already in your life and watch it amplify.

“Everything I need is always supplied in perfect timing and perfect order.”

- Christine Jewell


2:09 Why do we have to ditch the “getting” mindset

3:30 Listen to this magnificent feedback machine with powerful sensory mechanisms

5:11 The wonders of the Supernatural Law 

12:05 Be aware of the patterns, our triggers and reactions, and operating systems

14:20 Cultivating vs. getting - recognizing the right mentality and making a conscious upgrade

17:56 What is it that you truly desire 

23:19 It doesn't take much; you only need the faith of a mustard seed 

25:41 The proper way to doing the gratitude practice

29:58 Understanding the heart of God

And so much more! 

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