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All About That Contract
Episode 1810th July 2024 • Supervision Simplified • Supervision Simplified Podcast
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Welcome to "Supervision Simplified," your essential podcast for mastering the intricacies of clinical supervision. This episode dives deep into the critical yet often overlooked topic of supervision contracts. Learn why a clear and detailed contract is crucial, even in states where it's not legally mandated, as it sets the foundation for transparent communication and outlines the responsibilities of both supervisors and supervisees.

Discover best practices for including key elements such as goals, emergency procedures, and duration terms in your contracts, and understand the benefits of tailoring these documents to reflect the unique strengths and styles of different supervisors. Dr. Amy and Valarie also highlight the importance of a collaborative mindset, using practical examples to demonstrate how to foster professional development through goal-setting and videotaped sessions.

Emphasizing the value of supervisors being fully invested in their role, the hosts draw parallels between nurturing a plant and providing the right environment for supervisees to thrive. Future episodes will feature guest experts discussing cultural diversity, equity, and inclusion in supervision contracts. Tune in to "Supervision Simplified" to enhance your supervision practices, ensure successful supervisor-supervisee relationships, and keep up with best practices in the field. Subscribe, share, and join the revolution in supervision!





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