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Chris Bennett | Ultra-distance Cycling + Tips on Gear and Bike Set-up
Episode 3524th November 2019 • Bikepack Adventures Podcast • Chris Panasky
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In Episode 035 of Bike Tour Adventures, I have the chance to get to know Chris Bennett, a 60 year-old Canadian who settled in New Zealand to escape the Canadian winters. As an engineer working for the World Bank, he has lived and worked in over 34 countries. After completing an Ironman race on every continent, except Antarctica, he shifted to self-supported ultra-endurance bicycle racing. He was attracted to the ‘purity’ of these races where it is just you and your bike trying to get from point A to B as quickly as possible without outside support. Among his races are the Tour Divide from Canada to Mexico, the Transcontinental across Europe, to Istanbul, and most recently the North Cape – Tarifa from Norway to Spain.

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Show Notes

~ 50 sec       Intro to Episode 20 with Chris Bennett

~ 2 min        About Chris' sport history and what got him touring

~ 3m 30s     From running to triathlon, triathlon to ironman, ironman to ultra-distance cycling

~ 8 min        Training and preparing for ultra-distance cycling events

~ 18 min      Why ultra-distance cyclists are usually older, managing work and a racing schedule, and sleeping in cemeteries

~ 23 min      How ultra-distance cycling is different from traditional bike racing

~ 27 min      What he used to race off-road and on-road ultra-distance events, ultra-distance road bike geometry and Shermer's neck.

~ 33 min      Finding the right bike seat, why he uses electronic shifting, and managing component failure during a race

~ 37 min      Bike set-up, types of racers, equipment, nutrition

~ 46 min      Preparing for the Northcape-Tarifa ultra-distance cycling race and cost for such an event

~ 52 min      What gear he packed for this race and keeping motivated during the event

~ 57 min      Music, fuelling the body, being vegetarian

~ 1 hr           Challenges, mechanical issues, dealing with wild dogs

~ 1h 8m       Best part of ultra-endurance cycling events, worst moments

~ 1h 16m     What's next for Christ Bennett and where to find him