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The Godfather Movie with Carm and Tracy Capriotto [E063]
Episode 6328th December 2022 • Diagnosing the Aftermarket A to Z • LSTN Media LLC
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  • It's nothing personal, it's only business- removing emotion out of the equation but think logically. It's not an excuse to do something wrong.
  • Vito plays the long game and is brilliant at networking. He start these relationships with people by maybe doing something to help them out. Friendships and family and loyalty and favors and honor and respect council, help support, be in my debt.
  • In the automotive industry, you serve people by servicing vehicles- what is the big picture?
  • 5 families- competed with each other but respect each other and were symbiotic. The same enemy was the government. 
  • Some people will never be your clientele for whatever reason- you can’t be everything to everyone. Vito did not want to get into the narcotic business because it didn’t fit his morals.  
  • Leadership- do you earnestly thank your employees?
  • Run your business like a business but as a real person
  • Who is your accountability partner?

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