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Become Your Final Finisher with Adam Hill
Episode 1368th March 2022 • The Ultimate Journey of Self-Care • Alison Katschkowsky
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We can often feel like we are constantly starting from scratch.

From our workouts, to activity, to how we practice self care–some weeks or months it can feel like we are literally in the same place.

Imagine being caught in a downward cycle of anxiety, depression and adopting behaviors that simply ‘mask’ how we are truly feeling.  We can often resort to behaviors that simply ‘fill the void’ when we want to make progress–only we find out we are stuck in on a perpetual hamster wheel.

Adam Hill, an international triathlete and competitor, struggled with anxiety and depression for years and even used alcohol to help him cope.

Then he decided to simply work on his thought process around creating lasting change and embraced being a ‘continuous beginner’.

Can you embrace being a ‘continuous beginner’ and student of your method of self care so that you are always learning? You can.  And you can become your own ‘Final Finisher’.

Listen in to my chat with Adam as we talk about his journey, how our own thoughts can get in our way of change, and how every day we can frame our challenges as learning experiences.

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