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How to plan a photoshoot for your pet business
Episode 514th February 2021 • Publicity for Pet Businesses • Rachel Spencer
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Have you thought about having a photoshoot for your pet business?

Is the idea of posing uncomfortable, but you know you need nice images?

I hear you, because I HATE having my photo taken too.

However. if you’re planning on putting yourself forward to the media with a story, or as an expert, or for a case study, it’s important to have the right images.

Often, people will be ‘dropped’ from articles if photographs aren’t available.

And with us putting so much content out there on social media and our own websites, having professional images helps create the right impression.

With many photographers offering personal brand shoots, it’s become more affordable too.

So if you’re considering a photoshoot for your pet business, in this episode you'll learn all you need to know to make it as painless as possible.

This episode also comes with a downloadable checklist too that you can access here.

These are the key timings and points covered in this episode:

0.30 - why it’s important to have photographs for your pet business if you’re hoping to secure media coverage

1.31 - Where to go if you have any questions around photography or would like to find a photographer

2.00 - Why you should plan and not make the mistakes I’ve made!

2.39 - Some of the embarrassing things I have had photoshoots for

4.54 - Why business owners need to have their own images and how the media has changed and photographers can no longer go out to every story

6.05 - How sometimes even HUGE brands don’t have the right imagery

7.12 - What is a personal brand shoot?

7.20 - How a shoot doesn’t have to cost a fortune

9.07 - Pre shoot checklist - what to do before the shoot

9.10 - Hair and make up

9.35 - What to wear

9.50 - Outfit changes

11.35 - Choosing a location

12.10 - Creating a mood board of images to capture

12.50 - Choosing your photographer

15.23 - What to do on the day to take away your nerves

17.51 - Remember to smile!

20.01 - Capturing behind the scenes images

21.09 - Checking on usage rights with the photographer to make sure you can use them for publicity and that you’re not going to constrained by their T&Cs

23.23 - Where to get the free download

Links mentioned in this episode:

How to take photos in your pet business with Kerry Jordan

Download: Photoshoot guide for pet businesses

And finally, if you want to see some of my embarrassing photoshoots....

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