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How a stereo plug ruined a podcast episode - 1KP0093
Episode 937th January 2020 • 1000 Podcasters • Bryan Entzminger
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A few months ago I shared a little about an audio issue I’d been able to help troubleshoot for another podcaster and I mentioned that I might come back and share exactly what was happening and why it happened, as well as how to fix it.

Do you know what happened?

I forgot to come back and share that so I’m going to do that today.

Here’s the scenario - a podcaster finished and published her episode. Everything sounded fine on her headphones and computer speakers. But then people started contacting her to let her know they couldn’t hear one of the participants.

She went back and confirmed that everything was in the original recording. Then she went and looked at the final file to make sure that there wasn’t a bunch of silence because the track had been muted.

Everything looked fine. But when she listened on her phone, she couldn’t hear that other person either.

If you can guess what happened, share it in the comments. Otherwise, let’s get into this because it’s going to get a little nerdy today.

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