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Episode 54 - CJ Scarlet - The Grandma you don't want to mess with!
Episode 5417th November 2023 • Bringing Education Home • Vibrant Family Education
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Episode 54 - CJ Scarlet - The Grandma you don't want to mess with!

CJ Scarlet

CJ Scarlet, aka the Badass Grandma, is a danger expert and author of books that help parents empower their kids to protect and defend themselves from dangerous people. CJ knows first-hand how violence can destroy lives. A survivor of childhood abuse and teen sexual assault, CJ spent years dealing with the emotional aftermath of her experience. After taking her power back, she became an advocate for others who had been victimized, running a child advocacy center and serving as Director of Victims Issues for the North Carolina Attorney General’s Office. Over her 30 years as a victim advocate, CJ has helped thousands of survivors claim their power too. The former roller-skating carhop, forest firefighter, and U.S. Marine photojournalist holds a master’s degree in human violence. Named one of the “Happy 100” people on the planet, CJ’s story of triumph over adversity is featured in several bestselling books.

Episode Summary:

Join an enlightening conversation on parenting, child advocacy, and navigating the challenges families encounter in the digital era. In this insightful podcast, CJ Scarlet shares her wisdom, drawing from her experiences in child advocacy. With a focus on vibrant family communication, the discussion delves into fostering strong connections, addressing bullying, and navigating the complexities of online safety. Scarlet emphasizes the importance of proactive parenting, creating a safe space for children, and staying actively involved in their lives. As a seasoned expert, she provides valuable insights into empowering children, building resilience, and instilling confidence in the face of adversity. Tune in for a transformative exploration into the evolving landscape of parenting and child well-being.

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