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Geopats Language - Stephanie Fuccio EPISODE 41, 10th April 2021
Myths about learning Mandarin Chinese with Von of "brain burn" fame
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Myths about learning Mandarin Chinese with Von of "brain burn" fame

Today’s episode is not our usual conversation style. Instead we’re going to get a deep dive update from previous guest Von from episode 13 of Geopats Language. Back in November I participated in National Podcast Posting Month (NaPodPoMo), where crazy Podcasters like myself published an episode a day for a month.

For this experiment I invited previous guests from all of the Geopats Podcast Network to come back on the podcast. I asked them to relisten to their original episode and record 2 things: an update on what’s changed for them since that episode and their impressions of that episode (most of which were a couple of years old). Most guests sent about 10-20 minutes of thoughts to me for this project but Von sent 50 minutes. Oh, this was all so interesting to hear. But for NaPodPoMo, I was only publishing mini episodes that were about 10 minutes long. So I used a “brain burn” clip of Von’s that was about this length for NaPodPoMo and saved the rest of his language thoughts for later. Welcome to later.    

During this episode he shares: 

-how some people overthink learning Mandarin Chinese tones

-how language learning as an adult can be easier than learning languages as a child 

-how Mandarin Chinese gets more difficult the more you learn it (exponentially so)

-how he got his Chinese name through rather nefarious methods 

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