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Ep: 38: The Knicks and Wizards Aren't Foolin' Around, Steph Curry's Stats, AD's Return, and The Clippers' Very Good Week
26th April 2021 • Do You Even Watch Basketball? • Lacer Media
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This week, Los and Elise discuss:

  • The NBA’s new partnership with Marvel (03:52) 
  • Behind the numbers of Steph’s unbelievable scoring streak (07:19) 
  • How the Knicks and Wizards keep winning (12:05)
  • Can LaMelo Ball still win Rookie of the Year? (20:15)
  • “Battle for LA” Weekly roundup (23:30) Clippers (23:59) Lakers (32:04)
  • Game of the Week: Los (44:52) Elise (46:47)
  • Mourning the passing of Terrence Clarke (53:45)

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