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Rob Lambkin-Williams: Mapping Out the Quest for a COVID Vaccine
Episode 87th May 2020 • Improbable Developments • Salem Oaks
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The impact of COVID-19 is literally being felt around the world. Humanity has been racing to find weapons to fight this invisible enemy. We know so very little about how the virus is operating. This can leave us feeling confused and isolated. 

We speak to Dr. Rob Lambkin-Williams from his home where he is locked down for three months because he is vulnerable to complications of COVID. Rob is a UK-based virologist who has been studying influenza for most of his career. His expertise applies directly to the COVID pandemic.

We talk to Rob about the scientific and regulatory steps that must be taken to bring an effective vaccine to the millions who need it.   He lays out a map of these steps and gives us insight into the challenges each one brings. 

Join us on this look into what is likely to unfold in the next year or two.

You can follow Rob's work and his blog at

(Note: We recorded this conversation at the end of March 2020. The situation is constantly changing, and some details may already seem out of date.) 



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