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Turning Childhood Health Issues Into a Path of Helping Others
Episode 123rd February 2022 • Our Fighting Spirit • Anthony Frank Gigante
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Our first guest, Sophia Gigante, sums up Our Fighting Spirit's essence, not only for fighting and conquering obstacles that most people wouldn't, but because she devotes her time to helping others overcome theirs.

She is a Certified Personal Trainer, a Certified Sports Nutrition Specialist, Author of the book "Strength, Resilience, Growth: How I Defied Physical and Mental Limitations and Took Control of My Future," and Host of The SRG Way podcast. Sophia recently got her degree as a Health Coach from Arizona State University and started her own podcast, The SRG Way.

In this episode, we delve into the importance of having a structured and well-rounded mindset, focusing on our goals, and leaving the negative energy from gloomy opinions aside. Sophia shared her background story and the health issues she had to deal with during her childhood. We go through her thriving business, SRG Fitness, and why she decided to take a step forward during the pandemic instead of drawing back as most companies did. In addition, Sophia talked about how writing her book changed her life, her role at the Hydrocephalus Association, and how the love for what she does help her turn work into a permanent vacation.


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