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Autoimmune thyroiditis Presentation Part 2 by Kent Holtorf, MD
Episode 4021st November 2022 • The LDN Radio Show About Low Dose Naltrexone • Linda Elsegood
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This is Part 2 of Dr. Holtorf’s 3-part series on autoimmune thyroiditis as a core cause of hypothalamic pituitary dysfunction, mitochondrial dysfunction, obesity and systemic illness.

Dr. Holtorf discusses how autoimmune thyroiditis is more than just a thyroid illness, it's part of a multi-system disease. He talks of how immune modulatory therapies, LDN, peptides, and other things, in addition to replacing thyroid hormone are key to fixing an underlying vicious cycle seen in so many chronic illnesses.

Symptoms of low thyroid are key. He presents a symptom assessment chart, and also discusses related diseases of aging. Both decreased free T3 and elevated free T4 are independent predictors of long-term mortality risk in hospitalized chronic patients with non-thyroidal illness. According to the CDC, approximately 80% of aged individuals are afflicted by at least one chronic disease as a result of the decline of biologic related immune function




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