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8 Content Production Tips for Interview Podcasting and Remote Recording
Episode 2820th August 2020 • Crash Course in Podcasting • Deadset Podcasting | @deadsetpod
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8 Content Production Tips for Podcast Interviews.

1: Record yourself practicing your guest's name, plus any important web addresses. 

2: Record yourself practicing your own most important URL’s, contact details, and other personal stories that have complex language or details.

3: Test your remote recording solution, and if you change something, test it again. Test it with someone non-technical, so you can improve your ability to troubleshoot remotely. 

4: Right before your call, listen to your guest(s) speak at 1X (if you can), so you're not caught off guard by the pace of their IRL speaking voice.

5: Let your guest know that if the call drops out, that YOU will call them back. 

6: Let your guest(s) know that if there are technical or connection issues, that you may stop them abruptly to correct the issue, and they should not take it personally. It's all in aid of getting the very best end product.

7: Don't be afraid to let your guest(s) circle back and re-answer. (There is often pure gold in an organic re-answer). 

8: Don't bring your VIP’s on and then ask them to sit there silently for 5, 10, 15 minutes, while you do your normal intro, plugs and personal story time. (That's just weird for the listener). 

Always Be Thinking About the Listener!

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