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196. How 1 Online Course Made Me $20 Million with Danielle Leslie
Episode 1967th December 2021 • the bossbabe podcast • bossbabe
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$20 million dollars through one online course. That’s how much Danielle Leslie has made to date + the number is still growing.

But what if we told you just years before experiencing this level of success, she was laid off, living back home with her mom + wondering how she was going to make ends meet? 

Yep. That was the reality...and trust us – that only skims the surface of how remarkable her story is.

Real talk: entrepreneurship is never easy. Maybe your first business idea didn’t take off. Maybe your revenue isn’t where you want it to be. Or you have no idea how to develop a high-value course in the first place. 

The great news is – you’re not alone. And the better news is, Danielle Leslie is here on The BossBabe Podcast to reveal all her secrets so you can develop unshakable resilience in your business + use your unique story to start making money while you sleep.

Tune in to discover why a dip in the road is not the be-all-and-end-all for your digital career and how you can pivot your purpose, monetize your story and magnetize clients your way. 

This is just the start. If you’re ready to really dive into your potential as an online course creator, join BossBabe’s Signature Membership to access Danielle’s Masterclass – How To Make 7 Figures In Your Online Course


  • How Danielle Leslie transformed her revenue from $18k to $9 million 
  • The secret to monetizing your story + raising your “money ceiling”
  • How it feels to make other peoples’ career dreams come true 
  • How to reframe failure so it works to your advantage
  • Tips on how to live as your future self now
  • Why owning your story is your greatest strength



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