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The Membership Guys Podcast with Mike Morrison - The Membership Guys EPISODE 305, 11th May 2021
305 - 12 Universal Truths of Membership Marketing
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305 - 12 Universal Truths of Membership Marketing

What’s the secret to marketing your membership? Spoiler: there isn’t just one secret! There are multiple different methods to try, but there are some universal truths to always bear in mind first.

In this episode, we share the 12 universal truths to membership marketing. There may not be some hidden secret that will guarantee you success, but these truths apply to all types of membership (and many other businesses as well.)

If you’re unsure of what marketing approach to take or whether you need to spend much time marketing at all, don’t miss this episode!

Essential Learning Points:

  • The 12 universal truths that apply to all memberships
  • Why there’s never a one-size-fits-all approach to marketing
  • Why building trust should be a key part of your marketing
  • The importance of marketing and why you can’t overlook it

Important Links & Mentions:

Key Quotes:

“Think of your membership as a painkiller, not a vitamin. You want it to be a must-have, not a nice-to-have.”

“An average product that has great marketing will always beat a great product with average marketing.”

“What someone says about you is worth so much more than what you say about yourself.”