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Anti-Drug Coalition of Tuscarawas County - Get Level Podcast Network EPISODE 52, 12th April 2021
The Dangers for Parents Who Host Underage Drinking
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The Dangers for Parents Who Host Underage Drinking

Welcome to another episode of the podcast. Spring has sprung, and with the nice weather comes opportunities for youth to get together outdoors and enjoy time together. However, if you're hosting underage drinking at your home, you are putting yourself at risk in a number of ways.

Jodi Salvo is joined by Chris Lane and Lindsey Tidrick to discuss the dangers of underage alcohol consumption both on the youth and the parents who allow it to happen. With large events, like proms, coming in the near future, the Anti-Drug Coalition is launching the Parents Who Host Lose the Most campaign to raise awareness about these risks.

Learn everything you need to know about hosting underage drinking and the penalties you could face. Also, it's important to understand how adult drinking habits - whether social or unhealthy - can be misinterpreted by youth. Your kids observe every action you make, so be sure the actions they observe are the ones you want them to observe.

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