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Chris Chandler (Magic and Change)
Episode 3221st March 2023 • All Your Days • James O'Brien
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Chris Chandler is a maker of new things out of two things, out of three things, out of four — one of the world’s consummate collaborators, sharing tracks with luminaries, fusing the verse he inhabits with the chords and choruses of artists such as Dan Bern, Jim Infantino, Peter Yarrow, Anne Feeney and Paul Benoit. I’ve known Chris a bit over the years, and years ago shared stages with him here and there, and I’ve always been moved and awed by what he manages to do with a pair of vocal cords and the truth. But I’ve never heard his full story or gotten under the hood with the head that makes it all work. Until this episode.

Clips in this episode:

  1. Jupiter Falling (James O’Brien, Live at City Winery [unreleased, Dan Bern intro] — 2023)
  2. Stone Mountain/Georgia (Chris Chandler and Paul Benoit, ‘So Where Ya Headed?’ — 2009)
  3. Hannibal / Would You Die for a Necktie? (Chris Chandler and Dan Bern, ‘Collaborations’ — 1999)
  4. Carnaval (Chris Chandler and Anne Feeney, Live at Kerville — 2003)
  5. Travels with Charlie (Chris Chandler, ‘As Seen on No Television — 1992)
  6. Lionel Say / Breakfast Serial Killers, (Chris Chandler and Jim Infantino, ‘Collaborations’ — 1999)
  7. Loafer’s Glory / Nothin ‘ to Do But Go (U. Utah Phillips and Mark Ross, ‘Loafer’s Glory’ — 1997)
  8. Sourmouth Sprout (Chris Chandler and Anne Feeney, ‘Hold Me Up to the Light’ [Peter Wilde] — 2003)
  9. Last Thoughts on Elvis Presley (Chris Chandler, ‘Convenience Store Troubadours’ — 1996)
  10. Eli Whitney was an A-Hole / Maggie’s Farm (Chris Chandler and Paul Benoit, ‘Pocket Call From My Dreams’ — 2017)
  11. Meek Rising - Don’t Go Back to Sleep (Chris Chandler and Paul Benoit, ‘Don’t Go Back to Sleep’ — 2022)
  12. Lightning Bugs and Barflies (Chris Chandler and Paul Benoit, ‘Matadors’ — 2011)



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