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How to create a positive mindset for 2021 with Sarah Baxter
Episode 477th January 2021 • Publicity for Pet Businesses • Rachel Spencer
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You might know Sarah Baxter from her awesome pet blog Twilight Bark where she showcased pet brands, shared stories and documented the adventures of her Dachshunds Ted and Millie.

Two years ago, after Millie needed surgery, Sarah began training as a business and personal coach with leading experts in the coaching industry; Barefoot Coaching. 

With her experience in the pet industry and her expertise as a coach, I thought Sarah would be perfect to chat to for a special episode on mindset to start the year.

The beginning of each year is a time to reflect on what lies ahead but after that has happened with COVID, 2021 is slightly different.

In this episode Sarah Baxter, a business and personal coach, shares how to process what happened in 2020 in a healthy way.

Rather than think about the struggles, Sarah shares lots of helpful coping strategies.

Plus ways to document your success and how and start 2021 with a positive mindset.

These are the key points and timings in this episode:

0.18 - Intro to Sarah and why we’re talking about mindset for 2021

2.27 - Sarah explains her new career and what she now specialises in

3.17 - The Twilight Bark Blog and why. Sarah decided to stop the blog because of her Dachshund Millie’s health problems

7.01 - Sarah explains how what has happened with COVID in the last 12 months impacts on our mindset

11.08 - How to use the Stress Container exercise to cope in difficult times

14.37 - Sarah shares another exercise called ‘Circles of Concern’ where you identify the things you can control and those that you can’t to limit stress

16.46 - Why it’s important to recognise how you react when stressed and find healthier coping strategies 

18.57. - Recognising the emotional impact of our livelihood being taken away and taking time to feel that rather than bottling it up. 

20.53 - Why you DON’T have to put your best face on all the time and you can talk about how you feel

24.13 - The importance of reflection and spotting the opportunities you found during the difficult times

27.52 - Why every small business owner should have a win folder!

30.16 - Examples of pet business owners who kept going when it was tough and had amazing results, Kim O’Donnell from Leo, Charley and Me and Dawn Wilkinson from Nosy Dog

32.14 - The difference between a fixed and a growth mindset

34.13 - How it can be hard to step out of our comfort zone

36.15 - Questions from members of the Publicity for Pet Businesses Facebook Group

45.39 - What is the best thing that could happen to you for 2021?

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Sarah's Twilight Bark website: Twilight Bark

Follow Sarah on Instagram: @Goodthoughtsgrowhere

Connect with her on LinkedIn: Sarah Baxter Linked In

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