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27. Defining Daily Language Expectations for All Levels of ELLs
Episode 2717th June 2022 • Equipping ELLs • Beth Vaucher, ELL, ESL Teachers
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Are you looking for something easy to do to help you prepare for next school year? I am giving you something you will want on hand at all times to help you support your ELL students. We are continuing our summer series, Successfully Setting Up for the School Year This Summer, with a tool that requires little prep but will be a big help!

We have already been working on setting up our scope & sequence for the year and setting our quarterly goals. In this episode, we are talking about how to manage the day to day expectations for our students. We talk about how we need a clear idea of expectations for our students, how we can use those expectations to ensure we are not over scaffolding or under scaffolding for our students, and why having a clear understanding of these expectations is important.

Be sure to grab your free scope & sequence, quarterly goals chart, language expectations chart, and more in the ESL Teacher Toolkit to help take the stress out of preparing for the school year!

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