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67. Balance is a Lie: Interview with Kymber Menkiti
Episode 6726th July 2021 • Empire Building • Produktive
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Kymber Menkiti is one of the most impressive business leaders in the world. She has broken glass ceiling after glass ceiling while also managing to be a great wife and mother. She’s the perfect example of building a big business and an even bigger life. Her and her husband run a massive real estate empire in Washington, D.C. They started off as real estate agents, then became owners of brokerage, highly successful sales teams, and commercial and residential property. Now they’re involved in mixed use opportunities on development. She is the regional director and divisional director for Keller Williams in her region, one of Washington Business Journal’s “40 Under 40,” and raises four boys under 12. We discuss what her typical schedule looks like, the skills she’s had to master to accomplish all of this, and the beliefs that have led to her success.


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