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Flow And Grow Expert Interviews - Tom Bailey EPISODE 20, 1st May 2021
How To Double, Treble Or Even Quadruple Your Sales & Profits - With Bruce King
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How To Double, Treble Or Even Quadruple Your Sales & Profits - With Bruce King

Tom Bailey, Founder Of Succeed Through Speaking, Interviews Bruce King

Bruce King is recognised internationally as a leading sales, marketing and personal growth strategist. A sales conference speaker, sales and executive coach, and best-selling author.

Why you've got to check out Bruce's episode:

- Why Bruce moved from serving large corporates with large sales teams, to now supporting and coaching SME's including sole traders up to medium sized SME businesses.

- How SME's lack the sales and marketing skills they critically require to run and grow their business.

- Learn how to create more opportunities to do what you by improving your sales and marketing. Without getting these two parts of your business right you are limiting the impact you can make in the world.

- Understand how business owners fall into the trap of getting a poorly paid job in their own business, rather than achieving the financial goals they set when the business first launched.

- How to attract more business into your business using proven sales and marketing strategies.

- Find out how you can access the Rainmakers Club where you can get access to hundreds of free sales and marketing resources and materials, and the best part - membership is completely free

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