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Trauma with professors Essi Viding and Eamon McCrory
Episode 717th October 2018 • Tes Podagogy • Tes
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“Children do make choices to misbehave,” states professor Essi Viding, “but the tools they bring to make the choices are different. Someone who has very stable developmental history is making a particular choice with a completely different toolkit than a child who has a unpredictable developmental history.”

Viding is professor of Developmental Psychopathology at UCL and, together with professor Eamon McCrory, professor of Developmental Neuroscience and Psychopathology at UCL, she studies the impact of trauma on a child’s behaviour at the Developmental Risk and Resilience Unit at UCL. Speaking on this week’s Tes Podagogy podcast, they explain how trauma impacts development, how this affects behaviour and what teachers can - and should - do about it.