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The Podcast is Real - World Gone Geek EPISODE 5, 22nd June 2020
The World of the Post Pandemic Geek (w/ Matt Sugerik)

The World of the Post Pandemic Geek (w/ Matt Sugerik)

This week we examine some of the top stories of the week including Pokemon new releases, Zooming with Keanu, Netflix's Geek filled July, DC Comics Fandome and Bold and Beautiful Blow Up Dolls (not what you think, this is a family show!)... then we ponder the world of the post-pandemic geek... where will we see movies, how will they be made and what does conventioning look like?

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Jeffrey "groundedGeek" Ford. @groundedGeek

Guest Hosts:

Yuta Hsu @kohyuta

Find him on YouTube at "Yuta and the Uke"

Matt Sugerik @mattsugerik

Promptly Written @pwrittenpod

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