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Bottomless Email Content To Promote Your Courses And Programs
Episode 3524th June 2020 • The Email Marketing Show • Email Marketing Heroes
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Wouldn’t it be nice to never ever run out of new ways to promote your courses and programs?

Do you find it hard to come up with emailing your list more often without being repetitive and boring?

We’re sharing some awesome strategies you can use to promote your memberships and courses almost every day with effortless email content. That’s right, we’re making your life easier and your emails more effective!

Let’s dig in…

Episode Content

  • (2:01) Do you feel the same way as Nic?
  • (3:12) Is this standing in the way of your progress?
  • (4:02) The alternative way to implement the daily email strategy.
  • (5:54) Let’s talk about YOUR membership program!
  • (6:55) How to brag about your membership to the non-members on your list.
  • (8:15) An effortless way to send 3-4 emails per week.
  • (9:23) Bonus call to action, without the need for a shoehorn.
  • (10:05) Time to apply this to your courses…
  • (12:24) If it’s interesting on social media, then it’s interesting in the inbox.
  • (14:12) Subject line of the week

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