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Highly Sensitive Healing - Tonya Rothe EPISODE 1, 7th July 2021
Is our High Sensitivity a weakness?
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Is our High Sensitivity a weakness?

Why is high sensitivity and showing emotion seen as a weakness? Being labeled as fragile or unhappy is commonplace for us as HSPs. We worry about what others will think of us and about being misunderstood. But Just because we don’t move at the same emotional speed as everyone else, we’re conditioned to feel ashamed and embarrassed for it.

Yes, being highly sensitive  can make us feel like we’re on a never ending rollercoaster of high octane emotion and sensory overload, yes it's draining and overwhelming but it also means we possess awareness.

Do we fear being judged for our sensitivity? Are we worried that others might see us as weak if we take compassionate action to help?

And how do we start to overcome these feelings?

More Info Here: https://linktr.ee/highly.sensitive.healing