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1667 – The Important Lesson from Flexscreen: Innovation Drives Success with Flexscreen’s Joe Altieri
14th September 2023 • The Thoughtful Entrepreneur • Josh Elledge of
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In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the President of FlexScreen, Joe Altieri. Joe highlights that FlexScreen is the market's first and only flexible window screen. Unlike traditional aluminum screens that are difficult to handle and easily damaged, Flex Screen is easy to install and incredibly durable. It can even withstand being run over by a car! The idea for FlexScreen started as a hobby in Joe's garage about ten to twelve years ago. Being in the window and door industry, Joe saw a need for a better solution and took it upon himself to create it. Joe discussed how FlexScreen has scaled their business and protected their intellectual property. They purchased a digital marketing company to help spread the word about their product and have changed their business model to rely on licensing their technology to window manufacturers. This allows them to scale without the pain and capital investment of opening new manufacturing locations. Joe emphasized the importance of having the right attorney to protect their patents and ensure non-compete agreements are in place with licensees. He acknowledges the concern of cheap knockoffs and mentions the need to protect their intellectual property actively, even if it means going to court. Joe also talked about the importance of educating window manufacturers on how to sell their products as a differentiator in the market.

Key Points from the Episode:

  • Description of FlexScreen as a flexible window screen that is easy to install and durable
  • Comparison of FlexScreen to traditional aluminum screens
  • Explanation of why aluminum screens are still used despite their drawbacks
  • Origin of the idea for FlexScreen and its development in Joe's garage
  • Discussion of how FlexScreen has scaled their business and protected their intellectual property
  • Importance of having the right attorney to protect patents and ensure non-compete agreements
  • Need to actively protect intellectual property, even through legal action if necessary
  • Importance of educating window manufacturers on selling FlexScreen as a differentiator
  • Encouragement for entrepreneurs to seek education and support in entrepreneurship

About Joe Altieri:

Joe Altieri's journey began as an independent window industry salesman, where he notably excelled in selling window screens. His ability to persuade manufacturers to outsource screens led to annual sales exceeding three million dollars. Frustrated by the flaws in traditional window screens, Joe took on the challenge of innovating the century-old technology. His breakthrough came with a flexible frame design using spring steel, solving the issue of fragile aluminum frames. He further improved the product by bonding mesh with PVC for durability. Joe was invited to present his flexible window screen to the Sharks, and he appeared in Season 11, Episode 10 to a national television audience of 30+ million.

About FlexScreen:

Founded by Inventor & CEO Joe Altieri in 2013, FlexScreen introduced the pioneering concept of the "world's first flexible window screen." Developed to address long-standing issues with traditional aluminum screens, FlexScreen revolutionized the window industry. After obtaining multiple patents, the product entered the market, initially targeting window manufacturers and dealers. However, due to industry hesitance, Joe shifted his focus and engaged in direct consumer sales through a strategic digital marketing campaign. The brand's rapid growth and innovative design captured the interest of ABC's Shark Tank, further propelling its recognition. FlexScreen's unique approach and adaptability represent a significant advancement in window screen technology, marking a transformative milestone in a previously stagnant market.

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