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#45 - The Power of Disruptive Content w/ Mike Walker & Marley Jaxx
Episode 457th November 2023 • The Wealthy Consultant Talks Podcast • The Wealthy Consultant
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In this episode TWC Talks, we're thrilled to introduce Marley Jaxx, the creative force behind Jaxx Productions. Her journey is nothing short of inspiring. Marley began her venture while working as a dental hygienist, a job that left her craving more creativity. Surprisingly, she found her creative outlet in storytelling, captivating her dental patients with tales. This sparked her passion for content creation, particularly through video.

What sets Marley apart is her unique talent for helping clients overcome their fears of being on camera. She excels in guiding them to create content that authentically aligns with their unique personalities. With her storytelling skills and video production expertise, Marley is a captivating guest.

Marley's professional journey, starting as a dental hygienist, took an unexpected turn towards creative content creation. Her childhood hobby of making videos with her father's camera evolved into a thriving career. What was once a dream of Hollywood fame has transformed into a mission to empower entrepreneurs, especially on YouTube and social media. Through her production company, Jaxx Productions, Marley specializes in crafting disruptive content that propels entrepreneurs to A-list status.

Marley Jaxx is renowned for her expertise in creating disruptive content, tailored specifically for entrepreneurs seeking to make their mark on YouTube and social media. She believes in crafting engaging content that challenges the status quo and rises above the online noise.

Marley's dedication to YouTube is particularly noteworthy. She invests time in producing long-form video content, viewing YouTube as a space for building online real estate and gaining lasting attention.

We're immensely grateful for Marley's valuable contributions to the modern-day consultant group and her profound impact on the community.

To dive into Marley Jaxx's world of disruptive content, visit her website at, connect with her on Instagram, or explore her thriving YouTube channel.






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  • (02:19) The power of disruptive content.
  • (03:14) Fitting in is failing.
  • (06:43) The power of storytelling.
  • (10:21) Basics for becoming a better content creator.
  • (13:00) Quality over quantity
  • (17:19) Content personality syncing and cross pollination.
  • (20:59) Launching online engagement strategies.
  • (24:11) Subtle product placement.
  • (26:53) AI and content creation.




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