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A Conversation with Kim Kuhteubl
Episode 4921st May 2021 • Hot Young Designers Club • Hot Young Designers Club
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On today's show we're connecting with Kim Kuhteubl, the author of Branding + Interior Design. But when we say connect, we mean our minds were blown! We went deeper than just branding; we talked about developing our self-worth and defining our value for our clients. If we don't show up as our true selves, we won't attract our dream clients.

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Stuff they mentioned:

Kim talks about leading with creativity in our work

How she believes that creatives are poised to change the way the world operates

How our spreadsheets won't save us

We should design our businesses to be a true reflection of who we are

We both left with reminders that we want to be creatives first.

We sometimes feel so compelled to sell ourselves as organized business professionals that we lose the magic of design.

We have to stop measuring ourselves against what someone else's success looks like in our industry

Kim encouraged designers to be authentically themselves.

She also loves attending conferences that aren't immediately related to your industry, she was inspired by the California Women's Conference.

She has become obsessed with Ruggable.

She couldn't decide between living on the set of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel or the set of Friends.

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Her new program Designer Smart Cuts starts May 26, 2021