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Exceeding Expectations in Occupational Health: An Interview with Barbara Khozam
Episode 226th January 2024 • Fit For Duty • Larry Earl, MD
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Exceeding Expectations in Occupational Health: An Interview with Barbara Khozam

In this episode of the 'Fit for Duty' podcast, host, Dr. Larry Earl, interviews customer service expert, Barbara Khozam, on strategies to improve customer service in occupational medicine. Discussions focus on challenges of balance between patient needs and employer expectations, ways to create positive patient experiences, best practices for employer communication, the importance of ongoing training for staff, and the utilization of technology for efficient workflows.

Khozam also shares insights from her global professional experiences, demonstrating how empathy and regular recognition of employees contribute to maintaining high service standards even in a busy medical environment. The conversation concludes with some advice on dealing with mistakes and the importance of treating everyone kindly.

Key Conversation Points:

00:06 Introduction to Fit for Duty Podcast

01:06 Exceeding Expectations in Occupational Medicine

01:35 Introducing Barbara Khozam: The Customer Service Magician

02:21 Communication Strategies for Occupational Medicine

02:39 Building Trust and Loyalty with Employer Clients

03:38 Effective Communication in Sensitive Work-Related Topics

05:52 Leveraging Technology for Better Customer Service

07:36 Building Stronger Relationships with Employers

11:07 The Role of Recognition in Customer Service

24:00 Balancing the Needs of Patients and Employers

26:39 Lessons from Volleyball: Teamwork and Customer Service

30:45 Conclusion: The Key to Exceeding Expectations in Occupational Medicine

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