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TICM 20 - Living With Purpose Is A Habit
Episode 214th September 2015 • The Inner Changemaker Show • Jay Wong
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Hey guys, thanks for joining us on another mini episode on The Inner Changemaker. If this is your first time, welcome! This is the podcast for purpose driven entrepreneurs where we try to inspire the next generation of changemakers, the millennial generation. It’s the place where I get to interview people that not only want to make a million dollars, but want to impact a million people. That is our definition of a millionaire.

Now onto this week’s featured changemaker -

“Realize that you can”. That was easily the best piece of advice that Mark Guay had to say in our chat about purpose earlier this week.

Here is a teacher, who cares for his wife who unfortunately has Lyme disease, He admits on the episode to struggling as an entrepreneur, trying to put it together and he has this amazing traction going on with his podcast, Your Life on Purpose.

That takes some serious courage. To be vulnerable. To be open about your failures and still come on a podcast like this one, and be real.

How often are we real in our lives? How often do we lie to others and ourselves?

We talked so much about discovering your purpose, and there are so many mini factors involving that topic…but maybe the first step needs to be our thoughts. 

What are you constantly saying? Or thinking about? 

Sounds extremely simple right? Well, let’s work backwards. How do we create habits? 

Habits are the accumulation of our actions. Well, where do actions come from?

Actions are the accumulation of our beliefs. What we think about constantly, what we believe to be true.

How the hell are our beliefs formed, well, ladies and gentlemen, it comes from the thoughts that we have in our minds.

So if you want to live a different life that you have today, if you are not happy with your status in life, the place that you work, how much money you are making, your relationships, the responsibility of that falls onto you.

You and only you can tackle these thoughts. These beliefs, these actions and finally these habits.

So realizing you can. Sure, it’s easy. It is extremely quotable. We mentioned so many different resources in the episode, if you have not had a listen, I encourage you to do so because Mark actually challenged conventional thinking or at least he was challenged on his own podcasts from people such as Seth Godin, or Chris Guillibeau.

Either way, remember. Our thoughts lead to our beliefs, our beliefs lead to our actions and our actions become our habits. There is a really good quote out there that says, “we are what we constantly do” and “excellence is a habit” 

So living in alignment with your purpose…its not going to happen overnight. Nothing is except sleep maybe, but if you have any inkling inside of you that it’s the right journey for you, I invite you to join me on it. 

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Live with passion, live your dream, live it now! 




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