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022: All About Inflation Fighting I Bonds
Episode 2228th September 2022 • Retirement Equals Freedom • Josh Bretl
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Guess what? I Bonds are no longer the bell bottoms of financial investments! In fact, they are right on point in these inflationary times! Host Josh Bretl, CPA and founder of FSR Wealth Strategies, explains exactly why Co-Host Dave Schmidt – and anyone else with some spare cash being eroded by inflation – might want to consider this low-risk government-backed vehicle.

On this episode of Retirement Equals Freedom, we are learning how I Bonds work and who is best suited to buy them (most anyone with cash on hand that they won’t need to tap for at least 12 months and ideally longer). The reason these U.S. Treasury bonds have come into vogue? They’re pegged to inflation and as inflation has soared, so have their rates of return. Learn about who is qualified to purchase, how much can be invested annually, the tax implications upon withdrawal of funds and whether this is an investment that’s right for you!

We wrap the show with the popular segments: Get to Know Josh & Dave and Dave Relates to Retirees.

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