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Michael Jager on designing brands people actually love
5th October 2021 • The Marketing Society podcast • The Marketing Society podcast
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What does it mean for a brand to be a living idea? Why is the humanisation of brands so important? And why do ideas with substance really matter?

Today I chat with Michael Jager, Chief Creative Officer of Solidarity of Unbridled Labour, a studio that conceptualizes and realizes ideas that help guide and create culture and positive change within it.

It’s his vision that has shaped some of the biggest brands of our time like Nike, Lululemon, Burton Snowboards, Seventh Generation, MTV, Virgin, Patagonia and Masterclass.

We talk about why he hates the word brand.

We talk about empathy. And learning.

We talk about the power of asking questions. And where you can find insights and inspiration.

And he tells us how The Clash changed his life.

Whenever I meet with Michael, I come out of the conversation with quotes and a list of suggestions of shows to watch, books to read or artists to look into. So, I of course finish the chat with inspirational references to share with all of you.

To say you will feel inspired after this episode is an understatement.

You may even want to have a pen and paper nearby to write things down.

Enjoy this one. Here is Michael.

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