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Are you a Spiritual Leader? - Guest Author Kristin Panek
Episode 115th January 2021 • Heal The Healers • Dave Shepp
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Guest Author Kristin Panek discusses her book "Authentic Leadership: The Guide to Be a Spiritual Leader in Your Community".

Perhaps seeing the divisiveness playing out in our streets and the huge toll global pandemics can take on our society makes a part of you long to help somehow. If you’ve been waiting until after your life issues have been handled to contribute or help the people in your community in a bigger way, think again. You might feel that you’re not successful, that your relationships are not in good shape, or that you don’t have the right training. Well, you can step into a spiritual leadership role now while you continue working on yourself. The world is chaotic and unpredictable, and the people in your community need your support. Trust that calling. The time to lead is now.

Kristin is a heart-centered, spiritual empowerment mentor, teacher and international speaker. By transforming deeply rooted beliefs and fostering the connection to the Divine within, she supports soul-seekers on their awakening path to step into their fullest potential.

Kristin is the founder and Spiritual Director of the Flowering Heart Center, a not-for-profit organization that creates sacred space for community healing and transformation into higher states of consciousness. She offers counseling and workshops for this community of over 500 members. She is an ordained Interfaith minister of the Seraphic Order of the Flowering Heart.

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