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Dark Softly Tales - Mav Skye EPISODE 75, 5th April 2021
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Did you hear? There's a party at the Bunnyman Bridge on All Hallow’s Eve! An evil spirit inhabits a troubled teen. Together in a bunny suit, they recreate the past.

Bunnyman was originally published in Twisted Legends: Urbanized and Unauthorized by Pill House Press. (Twisted Legends earned an Honorable Mention by Ellen Datlow for Best Horror Anthology of the Year.)

If you'd like to hear the other Bunnyman stories I've written and narrated, you can find them in Episode 23 and Episode 37. (The episode is called Rabid Decisions, but it's one of the three stories in the episode.)

I've written about the origins of the Bunnyman legend in Bunnyman, 3 Tales to Chill Your Bones, which you can find on amazon.

Voice of "Chante": my daughter, Helena

Scream credit: MaderaDelEste Films

Music: Swoon by Sage Oursler