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Five life-changing ways to build self-knowledge
Episode 404th September 2020 • The Big Self Podcast • Big Self School
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At the Big Self School, we know you want to connect with the world in a way that’s meaningful and get rid of the feeling that life is just passing you by without you having anything to show for it. To do that, you need a community that supports you as you rediscover your purpose and resources to help you along the way. 

We want to celebrate a few big happenings in the Big Self School. 

What are five life-changing practices you can apply to your life to develop a deeper awareness and understanding of yourself? Tune in to find out.

Time Stamps:

2:00 Why is it so hard to develop self-knowledge?

5:00 Psychology's contribution to self-knowledge over the past 200 years.

7:00 The foundation of having higher emotional intelligence, being able to connect with people in a real way, being able to know yourself well enough to know where you're strong, where you're not strong. It makes for more durable relationships it makes for better parenting. Well, all these really practical outcomes that I, you know, I want people to know, there's that there's a point to all of this, this self knowledge.

15:00 The technique of active reflective writing.

20:30  Like there's a we have to take the punch and the criticism out of this kind of honesty that we need to give and ask ourselves some tough questions like what do I need to be taking responsibility for in my life, in order to get the life or move forward?

24:45 Doing the shadow work.

29:50 What's going on with Big Self School?

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