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How Authenticity Helps You Grow Your Audience with Pat Miller
Episode 2225th October 2021 • Podcast My Brand • Podcast Town
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Podcaster: Pat Miller, Host of The Idea Coach

Grow as a podcaster

  • Stop listening to people telling you what to do and start listening to your intuition and curiosity. 

Grow your audience

  • The closer that we can get to our authentic personality and doing things that feel good to us, we’ll find an audience. 
  • If we’re doing what we’re supposed to be doing, what makes us incredibly unique and we’re connecting with the right people, that’s a win.
  • You get more and more authentic and pay attention to the numbers to guide your execution and level of authenticity.

Grow your return on investment

  • We were dealing with callers one by one live without a net. My job is to listen to their business challenge, ask some insightful question and then try to connect and disconnect it and see if there’s an angle they didn’t see before. So what I get out of it is practice.
  • To me it’s my chance to put in reps of solving people’s problems, helping them see what they’re missing.
  • Every time I take a caller, I get better. If you choose to come at a perspective of I’m here to get better not to prove that I’m smart.

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