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Ep. 67 - Solo Dolo: Krista + Linds Are Back for the Ultimate Uncensored Catch-Up!
Episode 6722nd August 2017 • Almost 30 • Krista Williams & Lindsey Simcik
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"OH HI, HOW ARE YA?  WHAT'S NEW?!  OH EVERYTHING?"....Basically, how this episode starts.  Krista and Lindsey are so in love with #almost30nation, wrapped around all of your lil fingers, that they have not made the time to actually sit down and catch the f*ck up!  So they decided to lock themselves in the studio and do that.  Krista just got back from a few weeks of traveling--she attended 100 weddings and tried to avoid talking about being vegan because LET HER LIVE.  We get all of the travel deets and dont's.  As we follow the convo, the girls get honest about their pet peeves, Lindsey's dating life, and thoughts on aliens.  And then the conversation takes on a mind of it's own:

  • Lindsey receives a sex toy box at work

  • The Erewhon Chronicles

  • WTF is happening at FB...Artificial intelligence going rogue!?

  • Why communication between guys and girls is just the hardest thing you'll ever master

And finally, they answer your questions!  We cover morning routines, supplements, how they juggle all of the jobs, projects, hustles...


Lindsey + Krista want to hear more from you!  Like, tell them what has been up!  New relationship?  New Job?  Nightmare wedding story?  Addicted to English muffins?  Can't train your boyfriend to pee in the toilet?  Talk to us.  Love you.