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Ehhhhh... Its Chachi
Episode 325th January 2023 • Don't Be Alarmed We're Negros • Band Dork Media
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This episode will cover Golf News of the Week | This Week’s: Farmers Open  Last Weeks: American Express  | Ladies and Celebrities Hilton Grand Vacations |  Front 9 - Getting to know Chachi| Back 9 - What Kind of Putter are you?? | What Are We Hating On | Gigging Golf Songs of the Week:  The Musalini & Izzy Hott - Soul Train (Prod. RewindDaPrez)

Golf News of the Week

  1. Tiger the Mouth Piece ?? 
  2. Rory vs. Reed 
  3. What does TGL Stand for?? 
  4. Queen of Negro Golf       

Hosts: Suga @kaluaa7878  Emitch @chuck_da_nerd Buga @ny2sd28 Uppity Negro @thatmarcusdude Alli @bamboalli

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